Resources for Senior Caregiving

March 03, 2020

Resources for Senior Caregiving

A few months ago, I wrote about how I became the caregiver for my elderly mother-in-law, seemingly overnight, after she broke her upper arm (see my previous blog here). I jumped into the task and learned as I went. This is the same path most people probably take to becoming family caregivers.  

There are, however, many resources available that can help as someone begins this journey or even as they anticipate that caregiving might be needed in the future, for themselves or a loved one. That is what I will be addressing here today.

Let’s begin at the end: there are many senior caregiving options available from family-caring-for-family to in-home care to senior living homes (with independent and assisted living options) and, finally, memory care / Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care. Determining which one of these is the right option is a very personal decision and will vary from person to person and family to family.

Creating a care plan can help to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time (since caregiving needs can change as the person ages and their abilities change with them). Family meetings, which may feel daunting, can be a good starting point, so everyone is on the same page with the senior’s wishes. Having a financial planner and an attorney at the meeting may be a good idea as well so financial and legal issues can be addressed. This may also be a good time to establish or update wills, living wills, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), Health Care Power of Attorney, etc. Discussing which caregiving options are financially affordable should also be addressed because as the need for care increases, so does the cost.

Here is a list of resources for senior issues that you may find beneficial:

  • 10 Government Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About an article published by in February 2020 that has links to government agencies like Medicare and Social Security as well as some others you may not know about. Check out the rest of this website as well for more resources and information.
  • 5 Wishes - Advance Care Planning The Jones Financial Group hosted a 5 Wishes client event in October 2019 and our advisors are available to you to discuss this tool.
  • 2020 Benefits and Rights Book for Older Pennsylvanians published this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging
  • The Department of Aging for your state, if you’re not in Pennsylvania
  • org a non-profit site with essential resources for senior citizens and their caregivers
  • National Council for Aging Care is a resource to help seniors and their families learn more about the specifics of planning for their later years.
  • Need Help Paying Bills is an organization that provides people a place to get information on assistance programs.
  • AARP
  • There are many more resources available, both locally to you and nationally. Find them in the yellow pages of your phone book or online. If checking online, please verify that the site(s) you are visiting are legitimate by also checking the URL (the website address) before you click on them. [Website addresses ending in .gov indicate a federal government page. If the website address ends in .org it indicates that it is a non-profit organization. When in doubt about the legitimacy of a site, don’t click on it, verify the information another way.]

Finally, here’s an article from the Jones Financial Group website which may motivate you to start planning now for a family meeting and future financial needs. Estate Planning for Future Generations


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