Quarterly(ish) Twins report!

March 26, 2021

Quarterly(ish) update on the Twins!

We’re still doing 4 days of daycare and one day with Mimi most weeks.  Fortunately the girls are always excited both to go to “Miss Carole’s” and for when Mimi (Lesley’s mother) shows up.  On “Mimi Day”, my mother (Grammy) and aunt (she won’t let us call her Great Aunt) relieve Mimi around 4pm and allow Lesley and I to have a meal out each week.  It definitely takes a village!

I had intended on doing Daddy Day Care again this summer - where I take the girls on Monday’s - but I don’t think I can afford to take that much time off, especially with a couple of family trips thrown on top.  So it’s a good thing they seem to enjoy the current schedule.

They’ll be 21 months on Apr 1st already, and we’ll hit the 7% completion mark on raising them (if you consider 25 years fully raised).  93% to go.

Both ladies love being outside so we are very much looking forward to the warmer weather.  Lenny throws a fit when we try to encourage her to go in any direction other than the one she wants to go and it’s typically even worse when it’s time to go inside.  Aggie has gotten a couple scrapes recently and enjoys showing off her “boo-boo”, and I’m sure they are the first of many. 

Lenny has taken a special affinity to “Go Go Trucks” and loves when Daddy tries to read that as fast as humanly possible, but sadly the book is more tape than paper at this point!  It was already well used from when I was a little guy and now we’re approaching the point where all the kings horses and all the kings men may not be able to get the repair job done again.

Aggie is definitely the bigger of the two, but when you get them on the scale it’s not as much of a difference as you would think.  It is however enough to push her sister around a bit.  Just the other day they were full on hugging each other – which was adorable – in the kitchen and when one of them inevitably lost their balance it looked like Aggie had been practicing at linebacker – a perfect form tackle ending in a couple of tears from Lenny, but thankfully they were short lived.

All in all they get along very well with other than the occasional fussing about who gets a certain toy which usually means they are hangry or it's time for bed.  Sharing is a tough concept to teach, but good lord they have enough other toys where this shouldn’t be an issue!

That’s it for this go round – here’s a couple clips and a pic:
152 card pickup
Fun in the snow!
The Playroom when Mom is out of town

(Aggie has the lighter hair)