Quarterly Twins Report Apr 2020

April 24, 2020

Quarterly(ish) update on the Twins!

Lenny and Aggie are doing great – blissfully unaware of the craziness that has become the new normal around them. 

Lenny is crawling pretty well and nearly always on the move.  She particularly loves finding wires/cords and trying to chew on them.  Keeps us on our toes and required a quick purchase of a play pen.  Aggie is perfectly content to sit in one place (thankfully) and observe but will scoot slightly backwards when on her stomach.  We think she’ll go straight to walking.  One thing is for sure we are in trouble when they both start exploring.

Both have a single tooth – Aggie’s came first - and are generally accepting of most foods even if they may be initially hesitant to try new textures/colors/shapes.  Current favorites are chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, apple sauce and mozzarella cheese.  They definitely still prefer the pureed baby food but are coming around. 

Lenny’s hair has lightened a bit and Aggie’s has darkened a bit so they’re a little tougher to tell apart to the untrained eye.  Speaking of hair, they now have enough to start having a little fun with it…see pic below


Since daycare shutdown mid-March, we’ve had our hands full to say the least.  Both Lesley and I are working from home and with two 9 month olds it is certainly challenging to keep up.  We have about 16 hours of help each week from family, but the other 152 hours are all on us.

Lesley and I do a great job of making sure each of our “must do’s” are addressed and the other watches the girls for a bit.  Naptimes are nice, but getting them both down together for more than 30 minutes is not common.  Recently I’ve given up on relaxing after we get them down for the night and began working late to stay on top of things.

One positive is they’ve been healthy the last 3 weeks or so and we haven’t had to take as many trips to the pediatrician.  I’m sure that’s a side effect of isolation.  We also have a theory that Aggie doesn’t like daycare as her mood improved pretty quickly after they closed.  We’ll put that hypothesis to the test whenever daycare reopens.

Twins most recent stats:

They’ll be 10 months on May 1st already, and we’ve crossed the 3% completion mark on raising them (if you consider 25 years fully raised).  97% to go.

(As of 4/8)

Lenora/Lenny – 16 lbs 2 oz, 26 in

Agatha/Aggie – 17 lbs 8 oz, 27 in



Lunch Time (Lenny on left)
Sorta Holding our Bottles (Aggie on left)