Quarterly Twins Report

January 24, 2020

Quarterly(ish) update on the Twins!

One of my work related resolutions was to keep the JFG blog a little lighter and include some more fun updates this year.  The purpose of these types of posts is really for you to get to know me a little better when I’m not “on the clock”.

This being the first Twins update, here’s their normal week:

When Lesley went back to work I started doing “Daddy Day Care” on Monday’s.  So it’s me and the girls and the dog from about 7:30am to 5pm each Monday.  When Lesley gets home we each get a quick workout in, grab some quick dinner and then I head to the basement to catchup on the day’s work, call a few clients and get myself ready to go for Tuesday morning. 

Side note - If you’re interested, I try to post an update on my “Daddy Day Care” group on Facebook once a week – I’d be happy to add you if you want to see more pics/videos!

Mimi (Lesley’s mother) takes Wednesday’s and then Grammy (my mother) and my Aunt relieve her around 4pm, so Lesley and I get a date night!  This has been really nice.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday is daycare, and I think they enjoy it.  They seem to be exhausted when they get home which to me means they’ve been engaged all day.  People say "oh 3 days of daycare that's not too bad" to which I quickly remind them that we're paying for 6 days!  Now that I think about it though technically it's 5.4 days because we get a 10% discount for having more than one kid :)

 Twins most recent stats:

6.5 months old, 29.5 weeks if you’re into that amount of specificity.  By my reckoning, raising kids isn’t complete until they are 25 years old.  So even by that math we're at 2.17% complete already!

(As of 1/8)

Lenora/Lenny – 13lbs 10 oz, 24.8 in

Agatha/Aggie – 14lbs 3 oz, 24.4 in

Recent accomplishments:

Lenny has learned to situp by herself but still tumbles over now and again and was sleeping through the night about every other night for a week or so, but recently not so much.

Aggie loves to stand (assisted of course), but pretty much shuns all other positions except her swing. Aggie is pretty consistent at one wake up overnight yet.

Quick story:

Lesley had a long planned spa day the same day my friends (and clients) were in town from New York.  With two kids of their own they had a pretty busy itinerary, but I wanted to make sure they got to meet the girls and I wanted to meet their younger.  They suggested to meet at the PA Farm Show, and I said “what the heck” it’s an excuse to get me out of the house and it'll be a bit of an adventure.

Cue Benny Hill music.

We sat in traffic for about 30 mins, I even hopped out of the car on the Cameron St exit ramp off of 81 to give a crying baby a bottle.  Parking was easily a mile away on the HACC campus.  With a double stroller, it didn’t make much sense to try to get on the shuttle, so we started walking.  10 minutes into said walk, I realized I had forgotten the diaper bag back in the van.  Classic Dad mistake.  Already committed, I just decided we’d make it a short visit at the farm show rather than waste 20 minutes heading back for the bag, plus I was trying to meetup with friends.  The visit was nice and mostly uneventful but boy did they need that diaper bag by the time we got back to the van!

I didn’t think much of the difficulty of the trip, but everybody kept complimenting me on the effort and says they wouldn’t have even tried that.  I don’t think it’s worth the plaudits but I guess I’ll take them!


Farm Show 1  Farm Show 2