Meet the Intern!

July 31, 2020

Intern Spotlight

Part of any business is developing young talent and I took my first step into that arena last summer when I hired a local high school student as an intern. 

This year I approached Kyler Balliet (pronounced Bal-e-yet) about interning over the summer and he’s done a great job thus far.  He’s working 20 hours a week until the fall semester starts and he’s agreed to stay on for 10 hours a week through Thanksgiving.  Win!


Here’s a bit more about Kyler:

  • Rising junior at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove.
    • Majoring in Business Data Science and Computer Science.
    • Has loved technology and business since high school when he heard about the tech Tesla was putting in their cars.
  • Met me initially to discuss his investments and I was impressed with the questions he asked. Not many 19 or 20 year old’s possess as much interest in investments
  • In the office, Kyler focuses on efficiency through programming. He likes developing software that eliminates redundant tasks.
    • Developed a program that will run all the calculations required to rebalance a client’s portfolio – I had previously been calculating by hand in many cases.
    • Kyler has also spent time helping me with creating portfolios. When suggesting fund picks, he takes a data-driven approach looking for high performers with low costs for clients. We will be taking Kyler’s analysis into consideration when designing portfolios for clients.

  • Outside of the office, He was happy to learn that we both watch the Premier League. Kyler supports Manchester United and I lament that United finished above my Spurs this season.  Oh well there’s always next year.
    • He also plays soccer with his friends throughout the year
  • At home, Kyler strives to live a sustainable life. He gardens tomatoes, lettuce and peppers. He cuts down on waste and recycles when he can. Kyler takes pleasure in looking out for Mother Nature.
  • Kyler has a long time girlfriend, Victoria. They have been together four years. Some of their favorite activities include playing tennis, swimming, seeing musicals and having campfires.
  • Kyler has a bucket list that he keeps up to date of things he wants to do.
    • Completed:
      • Working for the Walt Disney Company – interned there in Spring 2020.
    • To Do:
      • Owning an electric car
      • Sky diving
      • Seeing all four tennis majors
      • Flying a plane.