Jones Financial Group Blog

July 15, 2019

Welcome one and all!

Our new blog will feature posts every 2 weeks from one of us here at Jones Financial Group.

We’ll keep it fresh with topics new and old – after all, some of those old adages still hold true!  Mostly we’ll post things that we think could apply to your lives.  Generally, each post will be about a 2-3 minute read, but some may go into further detail.

If you have a topic suggestion, feel free to send those to us as we’re going to keep a running list of ideas to choose from.  Also, if there are any creative writing professors, professional bloggers or if you just have an undeniable urge to critique, we welcome all feedback as we get this off the ground.

Lastly – We’ll have to come up with a catchy name for this - we can’t simply call it the “Jones Financial Group blog” can we?  Suggestions welcome.

Hope you enjoy!

Ken Logan, CFP® - Financial Advisor at Jones Financial Group

Post #1 – 7/15/2019