5 Wishes-an advanced care plan

October 18, 2019

Did you know....?

1. 77% of people want to make sure their family is not burdened by tough decisions about their potential health care needs.

2. 85% feel it is very important to make sure their wishes for medical care are followed.

However, 73% of people do not have their end of life wishes written out (they do not have an advanced care plan).

-Source: Views and Experiences with End-of-Life Medical Care in the U.S. - The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, April 2017

On Tuesday we had a fantastic turnout for our 5 Wishes event.  5 Wishes is an advanced care plan document that allows a person to list personal, emotional, and spiritual needs/desires along with their medical wishes in case they are not able to speak for themselves and need medical care. 

Advanced care planning isn't just a good idea for an older adult, this document makes sense for all adults because of the unknowns that come with life.

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